Who we are & what we do

Who We Are

At MG Tour Co., it is our delight to share our passion for travel with you; let our first hand experience help make your trip the best that it can be!

MG Tour Co. (AKA Mongol Global Tour Company Inc) was created by and for people who work to live, but live totravel. We believe that for many people, travel is far more than just a time to relax or be entertained; oftentimes, it serves as one of the most rewarding and thrilling elements of life.

Thus, we have dedicated our company to discovering as much as we can about this incredible world and using our knowledge and expertise to help provide you with full, meaningful experiences that are custom tailored to your exact wants and interests.

Our staff is comprised of Destination Specialists, experienced travelers who are equipped with a wealth of knowledge based on direct experience and extensive exploration. We are constantly looking into new opportunities, discovering unique experiences, and refining old favorites in order to effectively maximize your time abroad. Similarly, we understand the importance of being current on the various tours, transfers, airports, hotels, distinctive challenges, and special opportunities associated with each destination; this is a never-ending process, and we gladly take on the challenge in order to provide you with quality, customized tours.

What We Provide

We discover the best of what a country has to offer (including many unique experiences) and the best way to provide them to you.

MG Tour Co provides you with many options for travel:

Private Tours: Fully Escorted or Semi-Independent
Semi-Private tours: Fully Escorted or Semi-Independent
Semi-Independent/Semi-Private Tours
Small Group Tours
Large Group Tours (generally organizational or themed travel)

Our destination specialists will speak with you about your travel preferences and can customize your tour based on the type of experience you would like. Our goal is to maximize the value you get for your travel dollar, providing you with the best and richest travel experience while still remaining within the budget you have allotted for your trip.  Each destination offers its own unique experiences as well as challenges, and we work hard to discover the best ways to fully explore each one.

We are a one-stop shop for your travel needs! We can provide you with:

- International flights
- Connection flights and domestic flights worldwide
- Land arrangements (guides, drivers, tours, transfers, meals, etc)
- Special arrangements with organizations, schools, businesses, etc
- Cruises (River and Ocean Cruises)
- Train tickets
- Hotels and Accommodations
- Visas
- Travel Insurance
…and more! Just ask us!

In addition to vacation travel, we provide many types of "travel with a purpose." We can make preparations for educational, business, corporate, and even governmental travel needs. You may have a theme or underlying purpose for your trip, which we can incorporate into your travel design in whatever balance that you desire.

We can turn your ideal trip into a reality! We can also take care of all of the additional arrangements and little hassles associated with traveling (short of actually packing your bags!). We can book international flights for excellent prices, provide you with customized travel insurance plans, and handle any visa processing required for your trip. Not sure if we can assist you with your travel needs? Just ask us!


How We Work

Initial Contact: 
We are committed to personalized service; call MG Tour Co and speak directly with a friendly and knowledgeable Destination Specialist!

You are important to us!  When you call us you will not get an automated menu ("Listen closely because our options have changed…") When you callMG Tour Co, one of our representatives who knows best how to meet your needs will answer your call, gladly listen to your request, and either assist you directly or transfer you to the person best suited to help you. If you happen to call outside of our regular business hours or at a time when all of our lines are busy, you will reach a recorded message; if this happens, please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

When you let us know where you want to go, we assign one of our friendly and knowledgeable Destination Specialists to work with you until your itinerary is complete.  We also have staff members that specialize in international flights, travel insurance, visas, etc. 

Planning Your Trip:
It’s YOUR vacation; why settle for a pre-packaged deal that’s merely the ‘closest match’ to what you really want? MG Tour Co will custom tailor a trip to your exact needs and interests!

It is our belief that your trip should be designed around what YOU want to do, and not based on what others are offering. Many times, people begin planning their trip by thinking, “What does this company offer that I can fit into?” As every traveler has different wants and interests, a person will usually have to ‘settle’ for a package that is closest to their ideal trip. Our question then becomes, why settle for a trip when you can have exactly what you want?

When you contact MG Tour Co, we will begin planning your trip by listening to what YOU would like to do. You and your Destination Specialist will discuss things such as your ideal trip length, level of accommodation, types of activities in which you would like to partake, specific sites you would like to see, and any special interests that you may want to incorporate into your travel. Don’t worry if you do not have all of the answers to these questions; this initial consultation is just to get a feel for what you might like your experience to be. Even if you have no idea where you would like to travel, for how long, or what types of experiences you would like to have, our Destination Specialist can talk you through a few things, ask questions that may help you get started on the right track, and offer suggestions based on their extensive knowledge.

After your initial consultation, your Destination Specialist will customize a preliminary itinerary for you based on your requests. We will send it to you for your comments and reflection. Then, once we have received your feedback, we will revise the itinerary and return to you a second draft, to ensure your trip is exactly what you are looking for.  Upon your approval of the price and the tour itinerary, we can make the reservations and your customized tour can become a reality! 

You are spending your time and money to go to another part of the world & we want to help you have a wonderful, unforgettable experience!

While Traveling: 
When you travel with MG Tour Co, you not only have the support of our experienced staff in the United States, you also have the support of our network of local partners throughout the world!

In each of our destinations, we work either with our own local offices or excellent, like-minded partners who share our dedication to providing you quality services and customized travel experiences. While we take every precaution to ensure your trip is executed smoothly and completed as planned, we realize that there are occasionally unforeseen events, disruptions, and/or surprises along the way. The unexpected is an inevitable part of travel (and for many of us, contributes to why we enjoy traveling so much!); however, we believe that it is important to be prepared in the event that something goes awry. For this reason, we have set up a 3-Level Support System to assist you while you are abroad. With this 3-Level system we do our best to resolve issues quickly, while you are still traveling; adjusting your travel as needed to enable you to maximize your time there.

Our 3-Level Support System:

Your Professional In-Country Guide (Your guide is equipped to handle and effectively resolve various situations that you may encounter.)
A Local Emergency Number (If you and your guide are unable to resolve a particular issue, our local partner will be available to assist you.)
Our USA office (For most issues that cannot be resolved locally, you can contact us by e-mail or phone during our office hours.  IN THE CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, you may also call our Emergency Hotline number in the USA 24/7.)

After Your Trip:
We are always trying to improve our services.
Your feedback is very valuable to us.

After you have returned from your trip, we would love to hear your feedback! Please call or write us and let us know what you liked and what you think could use improvement.  If you enjoyed planning and traveling with us, we would love to continue to help you with your future travel needs. We have many clients who travel with us time and time again; we call them our VIFs (Very Important Friends). They are confident that we will provide them the best travel services and experiences and we increasingly learn exactly what they like and enjoy. Our VIFs also enjoy various special benefits; if you are interested in this, please ask us about our VIF (Very Important Friends) Program.