"Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." --Henry Ford




Does your business require a good deal of International Travel.  We can provide you excellent prices on flights (Economy, Business or First Class), Hotels, transfers, translators-guides, as well as other arrangements for your travel.  While you are there, if you want to have a tour day to see some of the beautiful country that you are visiting, we can help with that as well.  We can also help you obtain visas, travel insurance, internal flights, trains, etc.  Whatever you need.  Just let us know.


It is a well-established fact that when you give your top employees Incentive Travel as a reward, this provides a great benefit to the employer and employees alike. The employees will be very motivated to do their best work in hopes of going on an exciting trip. Their loyalty to the company generally increases as they are able to have wonderful vacation memories.


Team-Building travel has proven to build better relationships between workers as well as a greater loyalty to the company.  Providing the excitement of world travel combined with unique and creative Team-Building experiences.  As we know each of our destinations very well, we can provide Team-building experiences which are specifically appropriate for the destination. For instance if you want to go to Mongolia, we could have your staff put together a ger, which a Mongol family can do in an hour. In Latin America you can take a horse-riding trek along the beach or in the mountains or zip-line as a team through the tropical rain forest. If you are in Japan, we can have your staff learning the Japanese way of serving each other. In Spain you could have the fun activity of the team going on a progressive dinner of  Tapas and Vino through the various restaurants, tapatias or cervecerias.  In the UK we could take you to a hedge maze or in Australia your team can learn the survival skills of the Aborigene people. Or let us know your idea and we will set up your Team Building tour .