East Asia


China, the Land of the Emperors, is full of both man-made and natural wonders to experience. A trip to this magnificent country could take you on an exploration of the Forbidden City, lead you to the impressive Terra Cotta Soldiers, and end with an overnight spent sleeping on the Great Wall! Allow yourself the opportunity to witness firsthand the stunning natural beauty of Guilin’s fantasy-shaped mountains, the Yangtze River, and the spectacular gorges and mountains of Yunnan. The adventure traveler may also wish to embark on an expedition along the Silk Road, across the Yunnan, or through Tibet. Whatever your preferred travel experience, we can make it happen!


Japan is a land where life is art! Beauty and detail can be found in everything from temples and shrines, to museums and gardens, to music, drama, and clothing. Japan has a unique culture - a combination of the best of the ancient east and the modern west, yet all distinctly Japanese. We can provide you an insider’s look at Japan, giving you many unique experiences not found on regular tours, such as meetings with top fashion designers, textile and embroidery artists, private interviews with monks and visits to monasteries, as well as visits to small communities in Japan. 


Mongolia has an abundance of interesting sites and gorgeous countryside which can be explored on our horse, jeep, and short plain excursions. Combine a city tour of UlaanBaatar with treks out to the unique areas of the Gobi Desert, Karakhorum, LakeHuvsgal! Travel through the Mongolian Steppe, visit theErdene Zuu Monastery, see 9th century stone tortoises, visit with Mongolian Nomads, and experience the wonderful NadaamFestival (held each year in July). Nadaam, the national celebration of Mongolian independence, includes pageantry, custom, and competition of three national sports: wrestling, horseracing, and archery. Come explore this land of TuvanThroat Singers, Contortionists, Eagle-Hunters, ancient burial sites, dinosaur fossils, and natural mysteries.