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MG Tour Co was created by and for people who work to live, but live to travel. We understand that for you, our clients, travel is far more than just a time to relax or be entertained; rather, it is one of the most exciting elements of life.

We have dedicated our company to discovering as much as we can about this amazing world and using our knowledge and expertise to provide you with full and meaningful experiences that are tailored to your exact needs and interests.

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See if one of our Classic Tours is right for you!

Booking a set itinerary doesn't have to mean booking a low level stock tour.  We have developed creative tours with many special features based on personal experience and general expertise. You can also customize one of our tried and true itineraries.  

Available Open Group Tours!

Your group's specialized tour can be custom designed according to your interests at an added savings, due to your numbers.  Or you can join one of our specialized tours with a unique itinerary at a group price.

Customize your ideal tour today!

Do you have a dream tour that you would like to do but no one offers it?   You let us know where you want to go and what type of travel that you like to do.   We can also tell you about places and things that you do not know about as well as how to make maximize the design of your tour.

Plan a study program for your school! 

The world is the best classroom. Why not complete your class on Ancient Rome, or the Chinese Dynasties with a trip to see the sites and make history come alive!  We can custom design your educational tour to your exact specifications

What's your dream honeymoon?

We can provide you a customized honeymoon with unique unforgettable memories. We can take care of all the arrangements for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything, you just show up with your passport!

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Want to reward your best workers with a special trip?  We can provide exciting experiences that will motivate your workers to want to do even better next year.  Give your top performers exciting trips that they will remember for the rest of their lives! 





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