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Asia is at the center of international business at the present and in the future.  China is the economic giant,  from its massive, inexpensive labor force, its progressive open arms policy to foreign investment to its massive potential market and growing buying power. India is not far behind.  Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam all have much to offer the international businessman.   
Yet, it can be quite confusing and complicated for businesses to make their travel arrangements to Asia.  Which airlines offer the best routes and prices on international flights?  How do I connect on the internal Asian domestic flights?  What hotel should I stay at? Where can I get transfers to and from my hotel? Where can I get a driver, a translator and quality ground transportation?  How can I find and/or communicate the factories, or economic zones, or businesses with which I want to work?  What countries do I need visas for?  How do I get them?  What about travel insurance?  Where can I find out more information about the Economic Zones, or about a specific companty?
We at the Mongol Global Tour Company are here to serve your complete Asia travel needs! 
We can provide you the best flight route and Economy, Business or First Class seats on your international flights at great prices!  We can book all of the domestic flights in these countries (including flights which do not even appear on the main GDSs).  We can provide you the best value hotel according to your tastes and needs as well as give you the best location for your needs.  We can provide your transfers from the airport to the hotel and back again. We can provide you a driver, quality vehicle and (if needed) a guide or translator for your meetings.  We can take you to the factories or business offices and even help you  and set up your meetings and/or confirm them while you in still in the USA.  We provide visa services, travel insurance and virtually whatever you need.  We even have direct contacts in some of the Economic Free Zones and can provide you some contacts and/or counsel.   If you do want to have some pre-business or post-business tours, we can provide you excellent quality, customized tours as well. We also provide direct emergency support in Asia as well as here in the USA.  We have offices in Beijing, UlaanBaatar, Siem Reap, and Danang. 
We are a One-Stop Shop for your Asia travel needs. 
We can arrange your incentive tours to be a wonderful, unique reward for your employees.  We can design their trip to include several specific events or sites which shows them that your reward for your best employees includes specific recognition of what they like to do. 
Do your employees like adventure?  How about a tour that includes an overnight on the Great Wall, or a jeep trek to Tibet!  Or a helicopter ride into remote jungle ruins in Angkor Wat! 
Do your employees like clothing and costumes?  How about a tour which includes a fashion show in Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok.  Or take them to a museum which features ancient costumes, looms or to the countryside to see the Karen people, with the rings around their necks. 
Do your employess like golf?  How about a golf tour of China or Thailand!  
Whatever your needs or interests, we are here to serve you! 
We can provide many experiences to get your team totally out of their normal environment and to provide unique experiences which teach them to work together.  You can take horse treks in Mongolia or build a ger.  Jeeps treks in Southern China or a multi-day cruise through the glorious Halong Bay.  We can provide you many incredible experiences including seeing the many of the natural and man-made Wonders of the World!  We can design a tour for your group which will provide them many exciting, wondrous shared experiences which may well help bond them together as friends and as a team! 
Why not take your employees to China to see how their companies are run?  Learn some of the secrets which are making China the economic power to watch for the 21st century! 
You work very hard!  We can provide you experiences which can refresh and rejuvenate you!  Let us know what type of experiences you want and let us design a tour for you, your family or your friends and associates! 

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