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About the Mongol Global Tour Co.

The Mongol Global Tour Co. was established in Jan. 1997. We started this company because we love travel! We firmly believe in the value of travel: culturally, educationally, socially and experientially as well as the sheer joy of seeing the world. We love adventure, cultural enrichment, seeing the Wonders of the World, making new friends and having our perspectives broadened by meeting people from all walks of life.

We want you to experience the same joys of travel that we ourselves value. We are committed to providing you the finest quality, personalized service. Our goal is not to just sell tours, but rather build a quality relationship with our clients: providing special-design and customized tours to you, our clients, based on personal experience. We take several trips to the countries we are servicing, getting to know the country, its people, the main sites and the less traveled sites very well (its a tough job, but SOMEBODY has to do it!). We are always looking for how to make our tours better, to find special activities or sites that most tour companies do not offer.

Our company operates on several distinct principles:

1. We provide personalized service
You are dealing with people not computers or phone answering menus. We will personally work on your tour with you.

2. We provide customized quality tours
Rather than settling for a general tour, which more or less is what you want, why not let us work with you on your ideal trip.

3. Our itinerary designs are based on personal experience.
We are not just selling brochures we know nothing about, we can discuss your upcoming trip from personal experience.

4. We limit the size of our groups (typically 6-20) for a high quality experience.
Large group tours waste a lot of time and have a minimum of flexibility. The quality of the tour suffers. We limit the size of our groups (unless you have a large group - such as a choir, school, etc.)

5. We provide you experiences not available on general tours.
We add special features to our tours which are not on typical tours. Many of our clients have commented that these are some of their favorite experiences on the trip.

6. We provide Hi-touch, in depth tours.
When our clients want this, we provide many opportunities to really get to know the culture and people of the country you are visiting.

7. We can provide specialty tours (costume, art, scuba, surf, photography, etc)
Do you have a group which wants a tour which features your special interests and many unique and enriching experiences?

Travel is an adventure. Whether you are climbing a mountain, walking on the Great Wall, studying great art, touring museums or just sight-seeing, you are having the adventure of seeing new places, meeting new people and having many new experiences. We work hard to help you make the most of your travel experience.

We realize that you are not only spending your money but also your time. It is our goal to give you an excellent value in both areas. Let us provide you a quality and ideal travel experience.

Let us take you on an adventure!

We specialize in travel to:


East Asia: , , &

Southeast Asia:  , , , Bali-Indonesia, , ,

South Pacific:  , , , Tahiti

We also book cruises to anywhere in the world. 


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