July 24th – Aug. 9th , 2020

Japan is hosting the 2020 Olympic games in the city of Tokyo. The Japanese culture is amazing as they strive for perfection in all things. Now that they are hosting the Olympic Games they will be striving for this same perfection in athletics as well every other area of life. You don’t want to miss this unique combination of the ultimate in sports and cultural exploration.



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General Information and Interesting facts about the Tokyo Games, 2020.

The Tokyo Olympic Committee promises that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be the most technologically advanced of all time.  With their amazing technological advances,  the Japanese have been on the cutting edge of Robotics, A.I. and Virtual Reality.  It remains to be seen how these elements will be incorporated into the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  The Tokyo Olympic arenas will include old traditional stadiums and newly built venues including the National Stadium.    The Tokyo Olympic arenas are primarily located in two areas, the Heritage Zone and the Tokyo Bay Zone.  The Olympic Village is located at a central point between the two zones.   There are also some venues in outlying areas for certain sports. 

There will be 33 Sports included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 5 of which are new.  The list of the sports is below followed by the 5 new categories!

  1. Aquatics (including swimmingdiving and synchronized swimmingwater polo)

  2. Archery

  3. Badminton

  4. Baseball and Softball - will be held at the main venue of the Yokohama Stadium

  5. Basketball

  6. Boxing

  7. Canoe / Kayak

  8. Cycling - including TrackRoadMountain Bike and BMX - Track cycling and mountain bike events will take place 120 kilometres away from Tokyo in Izu.

  9. Equestrian

  10. Fencing

  11. Football (soccer)

  12. Golf

  13. Gymnastics (ArtisticRhythmic and Trampolining)

  14. Handball

  15. Hockey

  16. Judo

  17. Karate - six Kumite and two Kata categories. To be held at the Nippon Budokan in central Tokyo.

  18. Modern Pentathlon

  19. Rowing

  20. Rugby 7s

  21. Sailing

  22. Shooting

  23. Skateboarding - men and women's street and park skateboarding events

  24. Sport Climbing - bouldering and lead and speed combined climbing

  25. Surfing - men's and women's shortboard surfing, to be held about one hour from Tokyo at Shida Shita Point

  26. Table Tennis

  27. Taekwondo

  28. Tennis

  29. Track & Field

  30. Triathlon

  31. Volleyball - indoor and beach volleyball

  32. Weightlifting

  33. Wrestling (Greco-Roman and Freestyle)

Five new sports have been added to the program in Tokyo: baseball and softball, karate, sport climbing, skateboarding and surfing. This means 18 new events and 474 extra athletes will appear on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic program